VITOCUDA: Verilog Implicit to One-hot CUDA simulation

VITO is a preprocessor that converts implicit style behavioral Verilog into other Verilog that describes a one-hot design. To the best of our knowledge, the output of VITO can then be synthesized into hardware using any of several commercially available Verilog synthesis tools. VITOCUDA is a modified version of this tool which produces CUDA code to allow a VITO-compliant Verilog source to be simulated using a GPU, possibly offering considerable speedup over conventional Verilog simulation. Because VITOCUDA and VITO use modified versions of the same file names, they must be installed in separate directories.

The implicit style input to VITO/VITOCUDA may contain multiple @(posedge sysclk) statements, each corresponding to a state in the machine. The implicit style Verilog may also contain arbitrarily nested control statements (such as if and while .) The resulting CUDA output from VITOCUDA describes a one-hot controller of the kind produced by VITO.


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Last updated on 10 Jan 2013